Thursday, July 11, 2013

Green Smoke® Reviews

Andy Gray
"FlavorMaxTM Cartridges -- Amazing"
This is by far the most newsworthy development in the industry right now. The difference in vapor is nothing short of amazing.

David Alan
"Love My New USB Electric Cigarette"
Compared to the other e-cigarettes with the “mix yourself” and multi piece junk, I chose to take a chance on green smoke. I am so glad I did. Two pieces screw together and that's it. I love my new USB electric cigarette. I smoke and love the vanilla. Thank you green smoke.

Fred S. Fleming
"It Works Perfectly"
Two days after I ordered it the package arrived (very timely, very nice). It works perfectly; I am so very satisfied with it and pleased with your product and my decision to give your electronic cigarette a try. Thank you!

Scott, FL
"Great Product"
I received my order this morning. WOW! What a great product! I LOVE this thing. I've only tried one battery so far, but it seems like it came fully charged (or at least charged enough for me to be smoking for the last hour and still going strong). I'm glad I didn't have to charge it first, as I was dying to try it. Thank you so much for the excellent service and product. Look for many orders from me in the future. If I can generate enough interest in this, I'm going to join your e-cigarette affiliate program. I've already been talking to people about it. Thanks again, my friend. I am one VERY happy customer!

Tracy Clinger, NC
"Easy to Use"
Ordered on Thursday, received in Hawaii on Saturday! Works as advertised and I feel satisfied. For me, this works especially since it smokes just right without odors. Feels a bit heavy but this is a good solid feel, not bulky. Easy to use, charging is a breeze. What more can I say? I like it so much I am going to sell them!

Jim Fisher, NY
"The One I'm Most Happy With"
I’ve bought several e-cigarette brands over the past couple of years, but the one I’m most happy with has this new two piece construction. Of all the vendors only Green Smoke seems to have this type of construction, and also has them regularly in stock.
Dave, NY
"Green Smoke is Awesome!"
I used the calculator on their gadget page. I can’t believe how much money I’ve been spending on my smoke all this time. I like the Green Smoke® e-cigarette look and the feel of the nicotine. I switched to the 8mg and I get all the nicotine I need. I give 5 Stars to Green Smoke®.

“My Girlfriend Likes It.”
My girlfriend used to hate the way my breath smelled from smoking. Since I got the green smoke e- cig starter kit, I'm happily puffing away and my girlfriend totally stopped complaining to me about my breath, and I still can get my fix whenever I need it. We used to really fight about this, now she rewards me for green smoking… Thanks!

Mickey McElroy
“Vapor Rules!”
I did a lot of research before purchasing the Green Smoke electric cigarette product. The two part system is easy enough for anyone to use. Once I broke the batteries in I get really good battery life. Usually the long one will get me through most of the day. The cartridges are very convenient and the flavors are not too bad either even though I wish they had more. I will use Green Smoke for life. I have been having fun smoking in the office and like to joke how my computer is a Green Smoke user now while my battery is charging in my USB port. I have even made 3 sales within the first 10 days and everyone who has tried it is amazed by the amount of vapor that is produced. The shipping is very fast, reasonably priced, and the quality and ease of use of the cartridges make this e cigarette company a huge contender. This is also the only company that I have found that has a 30 money back guarantee no questions asked. Try it and if you’re not satisfied get your money back for everything minus the cartridges of course. Happy vaping!!!

Daniel Brooker
“Simply Awesome”
Super fast delivery! Placed my order in the early AM hours for Thursday, the order was processed and shipped the same day from Florida. I received the order on Saturday (Awesome)! As for the Electronic Started Kit: This is my first electronic cigarette, but I am supremely impressed! It is definitely a top quality product. It may cost more than most of the other electronic cigarette brands out there, but it's worth every penny. Don't take my word for it, do some research, that's what I did. I searched the internet high and low, read reviews, watch video reviews, read public forums, for several days, researching numerous brands. After all was said and done, Green Smoke was at the top of my list. And hey, if you’re unhappy with it after you order, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Trust me; you will not want to return this electric cigarette, so take peace in mind that it also comes with a 1 year warranty!

Michael Murphy
"The Best E-Cigarette"
Green Smoke is truly the best e-cigarette on the market today. I've tried other electronic cigarette brands and they just did not cut it for me. One company even made me send back their product because there was a manufacturing error! With Green Smoke, you are getting the highest vapor volume. Try it for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

Sergey Kucherenko
“Thank You”
To put it in simple words, love It, love it, love it. I love this product in many ways, I have tried about 4 different electric cigarette companies and this one is the best. I give customer service: 9/10. Smoke Volume: 10/10-Perfect!


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