Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Testimonials of Green Smoke

"Before I ordered my Green Smoke® Starter Kit, I was an outcast. I always smelled like an ashtray, people wouldn't let me smoke in their cars and I'd have to go outside, sometimes in the freezing cold, to smoke. Since I got my Green Smoke® Starter Kit I smell great! This is a breakthrough into a whole new world of clean, affordable, great-tasting, no-hassle way of recreational smoking!"
Chris Spencer, Levittown NY

"I gave the Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes a try and I LOVED it. I bought a Starter Kit right away. I thoroughly enjoy my Green Smoke® e-cigarette, and I like these BETTER than traditional cigarettes! Green Smoke® e-cigs provides flawless performance, excellent battery life, TONS of vapor, and bold flavors. For my money, Green Smoke® has the best electronic cigarette on the market. Bravo! An e-cig company who's got it right!"
Stef Stanguay, Hamden CT

"My Green Smoke® e-cig has revolutionized the way I smoke. After using Green Smoke® e-cigs I soon realized that I preferred the clean, crisp taste of this e-cig over traditional cigarettes.The flavors are wonderful and I own each and every one. I love carrying around my e-cig with my variety of flavor cartridges ... Many people ask me about my e-cig and I let them try mine, and they're immediately impressed and want to know all about it. Thank you Green Smoke®, for this fantastic product!"
Brandie Collins, St. Louis MO

"Green Smoke offers an absolutely amazing smoking experience. The amount of vapor it produces provides a truly realistic smoking sensation. The taste of the cartridges are authentic and the batteries are dependable. On top of all that, they offer a level of customer service that exceeds all reasonable expectations. And for that, they have my business forever. This company definitely knows what they're doing. Thank you Green Smoke!"
Kevin Blair, Sutherlin OR


  1. I got my first electronic cigarette kit off of VaporFi, and I enjoy it a lot.

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